Here at Jenny Burtt Florists, we understand flowers, and we understand people

We know that our beautiful designs are allowed to truly flourish with strong sentiments behind them, and we know what a difference the ambiance of fresh flowers can add the the lives of your loved ones. We are passionate and professional, perfectionists with a personal touch. We believe that style, colour, fragrance, and texture play a pivotal role in shaping any occasion.

We are enthusiastic about building lasting memories and relationships through personalised floral design, and are successful for that simple reason. It is what we love, and is what we're good at. Jenny Burtts dedicated and experienced team has serviced the Canterbury region, shaping the most elegant and stylish events into success stories to be remembered. Have a browse through our site, look at our beautiful displays, stroll through our online store and, most importantly, get in touch so we may discuss how we can personalise our floral designs to perfectly compliment your next event.